Monologued Curiosity

Well, now look at you

Drifting now fast asleep

To a place tied to your beckoning

Playing now, with dreams galore

I can imagine you

Playing in the clouds and adding more stars to the sky

Flying out of your window because we both know you need set free

What a peaceful time full of hearts content

Well, now look at you playing in your dreams.

Admerations dreamy embodiment has me tranced in what your beautiful soul could dabble in, I wonder if your dreaming of me..

Maybe I’ll ask in the morning.

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New love

With the everyday world weighing on my counciousness after awhile the sky doesn’t look like it used to it looks like the way you’d imagine an old scary movies stormy sky black with the inside mustering thunder and light barely escaping the it. Feelings don’t feel the same I don’t remember the last time I felt this way I’m so used to well… lost like I’m wandering aimlessly through a foreign forest thick with the trunks of trees or like I’m at the bottom of the ocean and I can’t breath, see smell or hear just the internal suffering of a soul gone mad. But that was then and this is now. And the only difference you ask? Its her. Now not to be bold but I challenge you in your life time to find a girl to make your face light up like the morning sun across open planes of wheat. Goldening the hills with its presence. You can’t and you won’t simply because this love is unique and it is mine. This love makes the sky seem to glimmer like a freshly shaved diamond seeing the light for the first time. Its almost as if she’s taught me how to feel I haven’t felt happiness to this extent for so long but now blessed be her name she graces me without fault everyday.

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Either way

Falls brown sugar leaves,

Fall down with graceful ease

Hungry hearts with open souls

Looking for a heart to fill them whole

Happiness in the contact of their eyes

Or could they be sad with depression

In disguise, either way falls brown sugar leaves

Fall down with graceful ease

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Grand treasure

Grand treasure beyond measure
An insurmountable amount of wealth
But not in form of coin or paper
A lovely storm with warm raindrops
Lightning that lights the room and jumps my heart but calms one into thought. Picture what I picture a love so dear with color beyond measures or pallets, a ride of emotion which path is pre determined by alterior motives of the pure and ones worthy of the light. Hmmm..
Grand treasure.
A love bathed poem by Jacob Scott Mullins

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Unquenchable Recognition

To try and capture with words my heartfelt emotion toward you is like stabbing my heart with my pen and letting my blood pour out into a story of its own. Maybe its the way your lips curve at the end or maybe its the way you say my name, maybe its the way your hair rests on my pillow as you fall fast asleep. Day by day now I question my sanity, could this be real? Could she really be my soulmate? These questions toy with me in the dark but my heart provides all I need to know. It beats faster when your around, when your around I love to be your macho man but you also know I’m soft for those eyes of yours they pull strings my heart hadn’t yet strung. Even yet after pages of words my thirst for recognition of your worth to my being has yet to be quenched. Love is a dangerous game as they say but they had no idea a love deeper than any ocean was in the cards. I plead to you from a soul to a soul. See that I live and breath for the sake of your livelihood.
By Jacob S Mullins

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The Myth of the Real Deal

Good read and very inspiring!

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Well, if you can't impress me, you're never going to make it!Well, if you can’t impress me, you’ll never make it!

A guest post from Jennifer Berney:

When I entered my MFA program in 2003, I hoped I might be a literary success in the making. Though I had only written a handful of short stories, I imagined that a two-year writing program would provide me with the structure I needed to complete a book-length manuscript, and after that I’d have it made. I’d find an agent and land a publishing contract. I might not make the bestseller list right away, but I’d have a steady, respectable career. At the time, this seemed like a reasonable dream.

Surely I was the kind of student that Ryan Boudinot writes about in his recent essay in The Stranger, “Things I Can Say About MFA Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One,” in which he groups his former students into…

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Nirvana’s challenge

They say to enjoy each moment like its your last, to live life to the fullest and to never look back. We learn that death is the end of our physical being and endless oceans of questions bring the wake of faith. Would it be to bold to say I’d rather skip a step, transcend into whatever chapter lies ahead for a soul, to gain ultimate knowledge of the universe and to be free of the flesh and blood seal that is your body. Some may call me foolish but there are too many stars in the sky to believe anything short of a purer existance in one form or another. My humanity is but a fetter in the night blocking me with endless impulse from reaching my goal of nirvana
By Jacob s Mullins

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