New love

With the everyday world weighing on my counciousness after awhile the sky doesn’t look like it used to it looks like the way you’d imagine an old scary movies stormy sky black with the inside mustering thunder and light barely escaping the it. Feelings don’t feel the same I don’t remember the last time I felt this way I’m so used to well… lost like I’m wandering aimlessly through a foreign forest thick with the trunks of trees or like I’m at the bottom of the ocean and I can’t breath, see smell or hear just the internal suffering of a soul gone mad. But that was then and this is now. And the only difference you ask? Its her. Now not to be bold but I challenge you in your life time to find a girl to make your face light up like the morning sun across open planes of wheat. Goldening the hills with its presence. You can’t and you won’t simply because this love is unique and it is mine. This love makes the sky seem to glimmer like a freshly shaved diamond seeing the light for the first time. Its almost as if she’s taught me how to feel I haven’t felt happiness to this extent for so long but now blessed be her name she graces me without fault everyday.

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