Unquenchable Recognition

To try and capture with words my heartfelt emotion toward you is like stabbing my heart with my pen and letting my blood pour out into a story of its own. Maybe its the way your lips curve at the end or maybe its the way you say my name, maybe its the way your hair rests on my pillow as you fall fast asleep. Day by day now I question my sanity, could this be real? Could she really be my soulmate? These questions toy with me in the dark but my heart provides all I need to know. It beats faster when your around, when your around I love to be your macho man but you also know I’m soft for those eyes of yours they pull strings my heart hadn’t yet strung. Even yet after pages of words my thirst for recognition of your worth to my being has yet to be quenched. Love is a dangerous game as they say but they had no idea a love deeper than any ocean was in the cards. I plead to you from a soul to a soul. See that I live and breath for the sake of your livelihood.
By Jacob S Mullins

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