A new kind of love

My thoughts race around me placing into each other like puzzle pieces creating my own world in front of me at will. This feeling is so wonderous I can finally detach from reality and  go off in my own world. For an eternity I’ve missed you. Your smile, smell and touch. To think now I can have you by my side again. No matter how limited my time is eachtime I will return to you. We spend our time looking at the cosmos closer than ever before, sitting on this magic carpet of sorts touching stars with my love as they pass by. We walk on foreign worlds that can only be dreamt up they’re so beautiful. White sheets and white covers make a perfect canvas to lay your body apon. Laying next to you caressing your hair and giving you that look you’ve learned to fall in love with I can feel myself loosing grip on my new world. My surroundings fade all at once leaving me alone and in the dark, afraid. Comforted by the realization I’ve made. “No matter how limited my time is with you each time I will return to explore new worlds new lands and above all a new kind of love

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